Cincinnati, Ohio
September 30, 2018

I am one of those brides that was on the fence about hiring a videographer — boy, am I glad that I came to my senses (& that I found Hoke to capture our big day!) My fiance, my family, and I cannot stop watching our highlight video — it is such a beautiful representation of our big day. It is also SO nice to have the full edits of all our ceremony and the important parts of our reception. Now, I can’t imagine NOT having it all. Hoke was great to work with—Kind, professional, and, most importantly, he was able to capture all the big moments without being in the way of the big moments. Hoke also happened to be one of the most affordable videographers we vetted, but that does NOT mean we compromised on quality. I could put our video side-by-side with any of the more expensive vendors we looked at and there would be no difference.