Cincinnati, Ohio
November 16, 2018

WOW! That is my first word to describe Hoke. First of all, before my wedding he was always quick to respond to any and all questions I would have. On the day of the wedding, he arrived early in the morning and got SO much footage. I was so curious to see what the videos ended up looking like. He also worked really well with my photographer AND I had no clue he was bringing a second videographer, which made me so happy because he got some shots from different angles which made for a very nice photo. When I received my videos, I cried watching it and I teared up watching it every single time! It was so nice to relive the day and watch moments I as the bride did not get to see! My family was so against me paying for a videographer, but I am so glad I did. Now I can watch my wedding any time I want and remember how it felt on that day to marry the love of my life. Thank you so much Hoke Media for all that you did! All the videos have touched my heart more than you know! I would recommend you to every one!