About Us

I got my first video camera back in 2005 when my daughter was born. I wanted to record moments and milestones in her life, and preserve those memories for our family.
I quickly became known for my video shooting and editing skills among friends and family, and next thing you know I’m shooting a friends wedding.

That was the start of a love affair with making wedding videos.
Hoke Plesner

How It Works
On the day of your wedding, I’ll meet you wherever you want, recording the story of your day. I will spend the whole day with you, usually about 12 hours. While all weddings are different, most weddings involve at least three locations, there’s usually a getting ready part, the ceremony, and reception. For the videos of the first dance, introductions, toasts, cake cutting, garter/bouquet toss, and first look, I do a documentary style edit and present those as a separate video. The average wedding I do has about three videos. The first is the highlight video, second is the ceremony, third is everything that happens at the reception. I also like to get some of the same shots as the photographer to round out the highlight video.

The Ceremony
For the ceremony I have three or four cameras recording throughout. Each camera is recording a different angle. One camera in the back is recording a wide angle shot of the entire ceremony with the whole bridal party included. On another camera I record a more closeup shot of the bride and groom and the officiant. On a third camera I will be recording any special speakers, readings, or performances. I always try to have the best audio recording of the ceremony as well. Most of the time this means placing a lapel mic on the officiant attached to a recorder in his or her pocket. I also may have another audio recorder plugged into the soundboard if there is one. From these camera angles and audio recordings I will edit the entire ceremony into a single recording of the entire event.


The Reception
During the reception I will record some events with two cameras. This is usually the first dance and toasts. One camera at a wide angle the other camera at a more closeup angle. For the toasts I will have one camera recording the speaker and another recording the reaction of the bride and groom. I also try to get good audio of the toasts by having a recorder on the table or better yet having a recorder plugged into the DJ’s soundboard.

Final Files
After the evening is over I start editing the next day. I try to have the highlight movie completed within three weeks. I post this file on Vimeo or YouTube. I like for the bride and groom to be able to see and share their wedding day on social media as quickly as possible. The rest of the movies will be completed and sent to you on a thumb drive and dropbox within two months of the wedding day. If you really need a DVD I can do that too, but I’m discouraging people from DVD’s now only because they seem to be going away. (Like VHS tapes). When I’m all done I’ll mail everything to you, or better yet, we can meet for a face to face meeting.